Audrey's Video

This video was taken on November 12, 2007, just two short days before our daughter Audrey (2 1/2) was killed in a tragic accident.  We were attending a preschool Thanksgiving feast and program for our daughter Mary Claire.  As we waited for the children to put on their Pilgrim and Indian costumes, my husband Bryan asked Audrey to "sing Daddy a song."  Testing out the video feature on our new digital camera, he captured this heartfelt version of "Jesus Loves Me".

In the days following Audrey's death, our family clung to this amazing reminder that in that fateful moment, God had not temporarily looked away or forgotten about her.  God did not simply allow what happened--He was in charge of it.  He knew all of the days He planned for our daughter, and she did not miss one of them.  This video proved to us that Audrey knew more closely what we were only beginning to discover.  Jesus really did love her, and He was still on the throne.

I love the way she wields the fork and spoon and the way she makes fists as she sings, "He is strong!"  Really, this is only a sample of the way my baby worshipped God.  In the months preceeding the accident, we would ride in the van and turn the Christian music up loud.  All my girls loved to sing with me and raise their hands in praise.  Audrey sat in her car seat right behind me, and out of the corner of my eye I used to catch a glimpse of her little leg kicking along with the music.  One of our favorite songs at the time was "What Could Be Better" by 33 Miles.  The chorus says, "I'm living in the days ahead.  I'm already dancing on the streets of gold and I can't stop celebrating in my soul.  I'm living in the days ahead.  Nothing on earth could ever compare.  I can't wait until the day that I get there.  When I see Jesus face to face...tell me what could be better?"

I sang those words with gusto when the whole world and all my plans still lay ahead like a beautiful dream.  But, it was only after suffering loss that I learned that nothing can truly be better than seeing Jesus face to face.  It is Jesus--and He alone--that sacrificed so that I could see my baby again.  I cannot wait to see Him whose resurrection secures my eternal life!  Without Jesus, death would be the end of things.  But, hallelujah to God--death is not the end!  And, life with that hope is worth the living. 

So, despite the pain, the Morans have a new purpose.  From here on out, we're sold out.  We're going out of this world in a blaze of glory!  Who is coming with us?

As you watch this video, join us in affirming, "He is strong!"